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Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please confirm all details of your requirements at the time of booking to ascertain if there have been any alterations to the tour you select before you book.  See our T&Cs

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Planning a new journey is an exciting process, We pride ourselves in helping you plan and create a journey suited to your interests, budget and time frame.  We also have a number of set itineraries to various destinations,  


Our team of consultants are well-traveled and passionate about the areas, communities and environment where we travel. This, together with quality operators on the ground at the various destinations, offer you up-to-date and relevant advice to ensure your every journey is the journey of a lifetime.

Sean Lues

Managing Director

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the travel plans and dreams of millions of people. Our thoughts are with those individuals who have already been affected in one way or another and to those of you unsure about proceeding with upcoming travels.

Every day there are new developments related to this worldwide outbreak and the uncertainty of what’s next is leading many of us to act much more cautiously than usual. While there are still many unknowns about this outbreak, as travel agents it is our duty to relay correct information as it becomes available to us. Given how quickly this situation is developing and fluctuating, there is no one answer we can give.

This current outbreak is concerning, but the world is far too beautiful to be left unexplored and life is meant to be spent experienced and enjoyed. There is no reason to stop travelling – you still deserve it. If you've planned to go to a destination but feel you can't, think about what it was about that destination that made you choose it. Was it a great cultural immersion, the wildlife, adventure or a place to relax and unwind? A great consultant can help you discover a similar experience in a new destination – if you have to, cancel the destination, not the holiday. Or just delay your plans a bit.

If you've got plans, you've made bookings and you're concerned about global travel uncertainty, make decisions based on the timeline, not the headline. We are working with our clients on aligning decision-making to the relevant terms and conditions - if you don't need to decide now, why make a decision that could see you missing out on a trip you had planned?

It’s in times of crisis that the value of travel consultants comes to the fore. They can collaborate and help guide you through this exceptionally complex travel landscape where facts are getting mixed in with lots of misinformation. It is worth asking us before you ditch your precious plans.

Right now there is a lot of room to move with airlines around rebooking, credit and cancellation fees and knowing how to navigate this takes a lot of experience and understanding of the fine print.

Look at our Australia page to see great deals to travel locally, or give us a call to find out about others, as there are always fantastic offers coming across our desks.

I believe that it is important to not let fear dictate our lives, but our top priority is - and always will be - the safety of our travellers. I am choosing to remain optimistic about the future and encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for being such great travellers, supporters and friends and being patient with our industry as we navigate through this.

We are always available for any questions or to simply talk through your concerns.



Sean Lues

Managing Director


T +61 7 3221 4788                

As you can imagine we are receiving many emails and phone calls regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) with requests to cancel or change existing travel arrangements.    We please ask for your patience in getting back to you as your requests will be handled by travel date order.  We have many people travelling this week and next week so they must take priority.


I thank you for your understanding and we will be in touch in due course.


We have shut both offices and are trying to work from home.


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Heading 1

From U$3,316.00 per person
8-day Classic Primate Safari by Road
Not to be missed is mountain gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest; while chimps can easily be spotted in Kibale Forest. Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Parks offer wonderful African savannah safaris with good wildlife viewing.

This Classic Primate Safari takes you to one of the very few places to see endangered mountain gorillas, combines chimpanzee & other primate viewing with a classic savannah safari. The Ugandan Journey gives you a good balance between vehicle, boat and walking activities and not leaving out the excellent experience of meeting the local people and take in the scenic beauty


Our price INCLUDES one Gorilla tracking permit per person, 1 morning chimp tracking permit per person

Save US$150.00 by travelling before 30 June 2020 as the Gorilla and Chimp Permits increase from the 1st of July.




Tanzania, The Great Migration, Privately Guided, February 2020

Join us in October 2020 for The Great Migration, River Crossings

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The fires raging through Australia have been catastrophic and our thoughts are with all the communities - human, animal and other - that have been so terribly affected!

Tourism Australia is working with Federal, State and Territory governments to develop and implement a government strategic response to the fires. They will continue to update via a resource that shows which popular international tourism areas have been affected by bushfires, to ensure that industry and travellers have the most accurate and up to date information. Please follow this link to their most recent updates.

Affected communities are already beginning to think about rebuilding and we are so grateful for the overwhelming support that’s pouring in from around the world to help them do so. Whilst the emergency response to the bushfires and the safety of communities and visitors in affected areas continues to be the number one priority, we know that the majority of our most popular destinations have not been affected by the fires and they need our support to get people on planes now and booking ahead for next year.

But in the meantime, for more immediate assistance and if you would like to help with the bushfire response and recovery, please see suggested organisations below where you can donate: